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1958 The Birth of Chicken Ramen




The Philosophy of Momofuku Ando


At the age of 48, Mr. Ando thought about the technology involved rapidly drying noodles through deep frying method and invented “Chicken Ramen”. Noodles are processed by oil frying at 140-150 degrees Celsius. Moisture is removed from the noodles to a level of around 3% to 6%. Bacteria can be restrained or killed. Natural Vitamin E from soybean can prevent oxidization. Noodles can be preserved without adding any preservatives. This is a natural production method has been using up to now.

“Humans can’t do anything if they don’t eat. Only after their hunger has been appeased can they turn to enjoying music or art or literature.”

( Quoted from “Momofuku Ando Speaks”)
5 principles were set when Mr. Ando was developing Chicken Ramen:
  • Delicious
  • Easy to store in the kitchen at home, long shelf life
  • Simple cooking method
  • Economical
  • Safe and hygienic
At the time after World War II, there was a shortage of food in Japan.Mr. Ando saw many people were queuing up for a bowl of noodles at ramen stores. He understood that food is the most important thing for supporting human life. People can think of clothing, shelter, culture and art only when their need for food is satisfied.
“If every family can have easy cooking ramen at any time, how happy they would be!"
The imaginary of people having ramen joyfully and surrounded by warm steam had impressed Mr. Ando very much. Eventually, people’s hunger for noodles and the use of wheat inspired Mr. Ando to invent instant noodles.


The work shed erected in the back yard of Ando's home (reproduction)


The interior of the work shed (reproduction)