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Demae Iccho is Japanese word and pronounced as De-ma-e Ic-cho, which means “one meal for take away.”

This is completely untrue. Harmful chemical substance does not exist in the seasoning of Demae Ramen instant noodle and will not be produced in boiling water. If it is added into boiling water, the taste and aroma will be lost. It will also make the cooking pot sticky or scorch easily and difficult to clean. It is suggested to add the seasoning after cooking for a better taste as a whole.

Our experts have make efforts to develop Nissin Retort Pouch by conducting series of research and study. The ingredients used are authentic and cooked under a highly hygienic environment. The food will be sealed in quality aluminum package. It is then processed by high pressure and high temperature sterilization. The food can be stored under room temperature and its look, smell, taste and nutrition can be retained.

All Nissin premiums are used solely for promotions and not for sale on the Internet.