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Thank you for your interest in Nissin Foods Co., Ltd. We are inviting highly motivated candidates to fill the following posts.



Assistant Manager-Engineering
  • Supervise & monitor all engineering activities and the work of engineering personnel in relation to electricity, machinery, boiler, air-conditioning system, refrigeration system, building repairs & maintenance and project handling of office/plant/production equipments/facilities for all factories.
  • Assist in sourcing and identifying potential suppliers/contractors for new machines/equipments/components pocurement in terms of price, installation, transportation, storage and maintenance plans as well as contracts negotiations.
  • Supervise all engineering personnel to carry out any engineering projects as assigned and provide technical support to Production Departments in relation to machine/equipment repairs and maintenance.
  • Responsible to coordinate various engineering projects/activities with relevant departments.
  • Assist to conduct trial test and inspect performance of new machine/equipment after installation to ensure the consistency with process design, specifications & standards and investigate/ propose corrective actions of problems and deficiencies.
  • Monitor the maintenance of materials/ production parts and assist to arrange the purchase of all necessary materials, parts, tools, equipments and components required for work orders and maintenance.
  • Carry out investigation for any problems/issues that may arise regarding machines breakdown, equipments & components sourcing and provide practical guidance & solution to all engineering personnel urging for immediate remedial measures/improvement.
  • Assist to conduct feasible studies in analyzing machinery problems of all plants’ equipments and provide practical solution/rectification for management review.
  • Perform any other ad-hoc duties or projects as assigned by superiors.

Assistant Manager-Production

  • Assist to oversee, control and monitor all activities in production plant so as to meet production schedule with quality products on a timely basis.
  • Responsible for preparing production planning by estimating appropriate manpower allocation, raw materials usage and production capacity so as to meet production target and delivery schedule.
  • Direct & supervise the work of production personnel, monitor actual production operation/procedures & standards of work regularly and maintain machine, raw materials inventory & labour efficiency.
  • Assist to review existing production procedures and work instructions in line with current practices and liaise with different interfaces in relation to production process seeking for quality/continuous improvement.
  • Responsible for preparing and providing training to co-workers/general workers in relation to manpower allocation, frontline supervisory skill, task orientation, safety, etc.
  • Monitor and supervise production personnel to perform general housekeeping and maintain plant/personal sanitation & cleanliness.
  • Investigate any production problems/issues that may arise regarding production, raw materials, product defects & machines breakdown with production/warehousing personnel and provide guidance in resolution of these problems/issues immediately.
  • Participate in cross functions projects or other ad hoc duties such as various management systems, machinery installation and renovation work of plant/production equipments/facilities as assigned.
Assistant Manager-Human Resources
  • Assist in HRIS implementation and co-ordinate the workflow design.
  • Manage the HRIS project timeline.
  • Responsible for full spectrum of C&B duties including payroll administration, taxation, leave management and employee’s compensation etc.
  • Support the medical plan and insurance renewal.
  • Responsible to prepare and update various HR related policies, regulations, memos and support for company internal/external audits as assigned whenever necessary.
  • Participate in ad-hoc HR projects as assigned.
Assistant Manager-Plant Operation
  • Responsible for overall facility management and office management (Fire Service, Renovation and etc.)

  • Provide support to public area management

  • Responsible for Security Management (CCTV system and Security Guard)

  • Manage Hygiene related issues and licensing management

  • Assist in Internal Auditing and Inspection issues (Safety, Food Security and Environmental)

  • Handle ad-hoc assignments as required

Assistant General Manager-Management Accounting
  • Prepare standards and guidelines in relation to materials, labor and overhead allocation and analytical method.

  • Handle costing data inputs generated from various sources and collect users’ department feedback for future improvement.
  • Prepare management reports as per pre-fined/ad hoc requirements in comparing standard and actual result in relation to raw materials, labor and fixed asset values in various format at given time interval.
  • Communicate and cooperate with all levels so as to gather useful data for producing effective cost analysis.

  • Deliver appropriate cost management concepts to parties concerned to strive for smooth implementation.

Senior Officer/Officer-Research & Development

  • Participate in all research and development activities in relation to modification of existing products/processes, product testing, raw materials testing/sourcing, taste testing, product development, packaging, labelling and technical research.
  • Assist in project pertaining to develop new product on noodle, soupbase, frozen food, snacks, condiment or modification of existing products.
  • Follow up projects and co-ordinate with internal/external interfaces throughout various R&D functions.
  • Responsible to search and negotiate with different interfaces in determining suppliers/materials selection as per internal constraints, perform cost & quality analysis and suppliers’ plant audit.
  • Responsible for regular checking on food regulations of major markets, major concerns to ensure legal compliance and various standards (international, national and specific).
  • Keep updated of market trends and research for current market information, assist to bring in new insights/innovative ideas during the research & developing activities.
  • Perform any other ad hoc duties as assigned by supervisors.
Senior Officer/Officer-Accounting
  • Prepare financial management reports for analysis.
  • Prepare ad-hoc management report on monthly/quarterly basis as requested.
  • Ensure all financial reports including monthly, quarterly and year-end closing report submitted on time and accuracy.
  • Liaise with Business units and internal teams in gathering information for analysis.
  • Perform ad-hoc assignments and other duties as required.
Senior Officer-Public Relations (Events & Communications)
  • Work with the team to provide full-service PR support for the Group, with special focus on event management, media relations and internal communications.
  • Develop regular promotional events and activities to maintain and enhance a positive image for the group.
  • Liaise with external parties, coordinate with internal departments and supervise vendors to ensure smooth running of corporate events and activities.
  • Handle regular news announcements, daily news monitoring and ad hoc translation.
  • Serve as editor of the quarterly newsletters for the Group.
  • Provide administrative support for the department.
  • Perform any other ad-hoc projects as assigned.
Senior Officer/Officer-Marketing
  • Assist to plan, develop and implement all marketing plans/programs/activities in relation to advertising, sales promotion, public relation, events and new product development of assigned products.
  • Liaise with internal and external interfaces in all stages of assigned product design and promotion in terms of product concepts, marketing literature designs, product launch programs, in-store demonstration, product model change and new product development process.
  • Assist to conduct market researches/analysis and collect/consolidate market information to capture any trends in consumer needs & buying habits, promotional channels, estimation of potential sales, potential markets and competitors’ strategies.
  • Prepare promotional reports/proposals and products presentation for internal/external interfaces and analyze reports timely.
  • Assist in other marketing activities namely premium house sourcing, premium design follow up, sample delivery and company sponsorship.
  • Participate in activities related to Integrated Management System such as periodic audit, meeting and ISO documents preparation & updates.
  • Perform other ad hoc tasks or projects as assigned by immediate superior.
Officer-Public Relations (Customer and Community Relations)
  • Handle daily customer enquiries for the Group and identify proper solutions per company requirements and constraints so as to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Handle community projects from concept planning, budget projection, proposal development to execution and reporting.
  • Liaise with external parties, coordinate with internal departments and supervise vendors to ensure smooth running of community activities.
  • Provide administrative support for the department.
  • Perform any other ad-hoc projects as assigned.
Analyst Programmer
  • Support ongoing operation of ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, including end user support, configuration, problem solving and enhancement.
  • Assist with the analysis of user requests and design of technical solutions based on those requests.
  • Carry out in-house development, including integration and/or implementation of interface with other applications. Coordinate with external vendors to execute development tasks in needs.
  • Documents and demonstrates solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code.
  • Improves operations by conducting systems analysis; recommending changes in policies and procedures.
  • Develops software solutions by studying information needs, conferring with users studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes investigating problem areas following the software development lifecycle.
  • Support coming ERP system upgrade.
  • Opportunity to involve different type of development project such as CRM, Business Intelligence, RPA, cloud ERP.
Officer/Assistant Officer-IT (Infrastructure & Support)
  • Provide PC and technical IT support to internal end-users
  • Handle system administration and implementation

  • Assist in monitoring and configure server, network & security control

  • Assist in hardware and software installation, configuration, upgrade and maintenance

  • Maintain IT assets inventory & software licenses

  • Assist in handle ad-hoc assignments & duties
IT System Administrator
  • Maintain samples management system of assigned categories as per defined guidelines and procedures. Perform system monitoring, analysis and review of IT systems and IT infrastructure
  • Provide necessary technical supports in daily maintenance of APP, application, systems, equipment, hardware and software

  • Co-ordinate with external hardware and software vendors

  • Response to and resolve daily IT issues and requests from in-house users

  • Any other duties as assigned by Supervisors

Graphic Designer
  • Responsible to create new brand & modify existing corporate branding design for new/existing products.
  • Responsible for the development of layouts and design production activities in relation to corporate branding, product packaging and promotional materials (e.g. brochures, posters, leaflets, billboard, logos, web page, etc.).
  • Liaise with internal and external interfaces so as to actualize the designs into marketable products on time and assure the quality standard.
  • Conduct research, analysis and advice on market trends related to new graphics layout & customers' need for product development.
  • Provide technical support in corporate website operation.
  • Provide support in photography in related to promotional programs and activities.
Senior Officer/Officer-Advertising
  • Support Marketing teams to plan and execute both online and offline advertising campaigns for achieving business objectives and goals, including coordinate and manage with internal teams and agencies on strategies, proposals, creative, media plan, artwork, action plan and campaign execution.
  • Manage social media platforms daily and liaise with agencies, including social listening, content creation & schedule posts, monitor and response comments.
  • Coordinate and liaise with different departments and vendors for managing corporate website content, function, enhancement and maintenance.
  • Compile reports on the performance and effectiveness of advertising campaigns and various digital platforms.
  • Conduct market research and explore new trends (e.g. the industry, target audience, etc.), advertising channels & technologies and identify opportunities to enhance advertising campaigns.
  • Handle multiple projects simultaneously and liaise with various departments and agencies in a timely and professional manner.
  • Source, maintain and update vendor database system based on past vendor assessment, pricing, quality and other useful information.
  • Participate in price negotiation seeking for optimum offer as per corporate costing strategies and constraints prior to managerment approval.
  • Ensure that all status reports on bid inquiries and purchase orders are submitted promptly and accurately.
  • Perform coordination and follow-up activities to contribute quality and quantity standards/requirements compliance of assigned categories.
  • Receive materials complaints and coordinate with relevant interfaces / personnel throughout the handling process.
  • Participate in activities related to Integrated Management System (e.g. periodic audit, meeting, ISO documents preparation & updates, etc.) so as to maintain system compliance and feasibility.
Senior Clerk-Shipping
  • Prepare and follow export / import shipping documents (e.g. invoice, P/L, Manufacturer declarations, Certificate of Origin, etc.), shipment schedule and arrangement.
  • Coordinate with overseas customer for shipping details.

  • Assist in contacting shipping agency for proper shipment arrangement.

  • Contact China/OEM suppliers for orders confirmation & delivery schedule.

  • Liaise with government bodies in certificate applications, plant visits and enquiries for operation updates.

  • Participate in activities related to Integrated Management System (e.g. periodic audit, meeting, ISO documents preparation & updates, etc.)

Senior Clerk-Production Planning & Materials Control
  • Calculate consumption of raw materials and update inventory status of raw materials/finished goods.
  • Assist to plan, prepare and update material requirements based on production schedule by determining the quantity and date of materials are needed.
  • Coordinate with related parties for the delivery schedule and distribution of raw materials/products.
  • Create, amend and update information of production orders/outputs, delivery schedule and materials consumption via ERP system so as to ensure data accuracy in ordering process.
  • Prepare monthly Production Planning & Materials Control report and process purchase requisitions.
Sales Merchandiser
  • Visit customers at defined routes and intervals to maximize and maintain shelf space, conduct stock checking as well as provide ambassadorial service with PR gesture.
  • Conduct price audit, collect dynamic market information and monitor point of sales materials.
  • Assist in all supportive services in relation to sales promotion, product launch activities or marketing events.
  • Assist in any other related supportive services as assigned by supervisors.
Assistant-Research & Development
  • Responsible for assistance in research and development activities in relation to new or modification of existing product packages/processes, packaging materials testing, packaging/container design and development, product testing, raw materials testing, labeling and technical research as assigned.
  • Perform general clerical support/routine tests under close supervision to generate accurate data for analysis.
  • Support materials sourcing and prototype preparation in new/modified product packages or process design and development consistent with customer requirements.
  • Participate in trial production and review, evaluate & consolidate information after trial test.
  • Maintain samples management system of assigned categories as per defined guidelines and procedures.
Technician-Quality Assurance
  • Undertake routine quality control tests/line inspection for raw materials, in-process control and finished goods as scheduled.

  • Responsible to consolidate raw data generated from tests/inspection and ensure that the required accuracy, precision and repeatability are achieved.

  • Assist to prepare equipments setup for calibration and conduct data taking.

  • Perform duties such as storage and identification as per internal documents regarding samples generated from routine production and in various manufacture stages as well as control samples.

  • Perform general housekeeping such as cleaning of glassware and facilities for microbiology test and general maintenance of equipments.

  • Work closely with immediate superior and production personnel in participating external OEM suppliers/factories audit and internal audit.

  • Perform any duties as assigned by immediate supervisor and follow laboratory safety practices.


  • 分配及監督員工之工作
  • 確保生產數量及質量符合公司要求
  • 監察員工之衞生及工作安全情況
  • 培訓員工
  • 預備各類生產報告
  • 訂購生產所需物料

科文/助理科文-生產 (早班/中班)

  • 負責操作及維修生產機器/設備
  • 訂購維修所需零件
  • 安排及監督下屬工作
  • 協助生產線之一般工作

組長/助理組長-生產 (早班/中班)

  • 協助分配及指導員工之工作
  • 維持生產線之正常運作
  • 填寫各類生產記錄
  • 操作各類生產機械

維修技工 (早班/中班)

  • 負責生產機器/設備之日常維修及保養工作
  • 如持有認可之電工A牌尤佳

鍋爐員 (早班/中班)

  • 負責鍋爐系統之日常操作及維修保養
  • 協助廠房/生產設備之維修工作
  • 須持有認可之水管式鍋爐牌

倉務員 (早班/中班)

  • 協助運送生產原材料/半成品/製成品/物料到指定地方
  • 處理貨品之安放位置及日常出入貨之交收
  • 持有認可之抗衡型/伸展型剷車牌尤佳

大量生產員 (早班/中班/通宵班)

  • 一般生產線之工作(麵生產、搬運貨物、清潔、操作簡單生產線機械等。)
  • 個別職位涉及體力勞動之工作

大量操作員 (早班/中班/通宵班)

  • 操作生產機器及一般生產線之工作(麵生產、搬運貨物、清潔、操作簡單生產線機械等。)
  • 負責廠房污水系統之日常運作及保養工作(指定職位)
  • 負責獨立處理廠房內外之清潔工作

大量兼職生產員 (早班/夜班)

  • 一般生產線之工作(麵生產、搬運貨物、清潔、操作簡單生產線機械等。)


Applicants can inquire or make an appointment for an interview via the following methods:


Tel                   : 3406 6789 (Miss Chan)

Fax                  : 2666 0733 (Human Resources Department)

Whatsapp      : 9517 6422 (Text message only)

E-mail             :

Mail                : 11-13 Dai Shun Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po, N.T. (Human Resources Department)

(All personal data collected will be kept confidential and used for recruitment purpose only)

Updated on:19-04-2022



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