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Nissin Foodium 日清食品體驗館

The Nissin Foods Group is committed to continuously discovering and creating delicious food. Through "Nissin Foodium", the Nissin Foods membership programme, a series of the latest brand news, exclusive benefits, exciting rewards and interactive games are designed to strengthen the connection with consumers, enhance their purchase experience and bring enjoyment of consuming Nissin Foods products.

Nissin Foodium

Install WeChat mobile app, register as a member through WeChat Mini Program, and then scan the "Nissin Foodium" WeChat Mini Program QR code inside package of designated Nissin instant noodle products to earn points, redeem rewards, and enjoy different benefits and other surprises.

Scan this Mini Program code with WeChat or click here to become a member now

How to become a member

Complete a simple registration in the WeChat Mini Program of “Nissin Foodium” to become a member.

Earn points to redeem rewards
Unpack designated Nissin instant noodle products
Scan the QR code printed inside the package with “Nissin Foodium” WeChat Mini Program
Earn points and redeem rewards with specified number of points
Points Earning Details
Nissin Product Points Per Product*
Demae_IcchoDemae Iccho +4 points
(single pack)
Demae_Iccho_HokkaidoHokkaido Iccho +5 points
(single pack)
Cup Noodles Regular Cup
Cup Noodles Regular
+7 points
Big Cup NoodlesBig Cup Noodles
+8 points
Cup Noodles Mini Cup Cup Noodles Mini
+5 points
Raoh   Nissin Raoh Bowl Type +16 points

Donbei Nissin Donbei Bowl Udon

+9 points
*Points redemption is only applicable to Nissin instant noodle products with “Nissin Foodium” WeChat Mini Program QR code. This is the basic minimum points earned by members by scanning the QR code on the product. The actual points earned by members may increase due to different promotions at the time.
Other Ways To Earn Points
Completed Task Points Per Task
Daily check-in
+2 points
Share to friends
+2 points
Share to Moments
+2 points
+5 points
Membership Tier
When member accumulates the specified points within the membership validity period, the membership tier will be automatically upgraded at once. Member can enjoy the membership benefits corresponding to the tier.
Tier Yearly Accumulated Points
Level 1
0 – 1000 points
Level 2
1001 – 2000 points
Level 3
2001 – 3000 points
Level 4
3001 points or above
Member Benefits
Members will enjoy the membership benefits corresponding to that tier.
Benefit Level 1 Member Level 2 Member Level 3 Member Level 4 Member
Welcome Bonus Points (Only for first-time registration) 20 - - -
Birthday Month Bonus Points 20 20 20 20
Multiplier of Cup Noodles Product Points 1X 1.5X 2X 2.5X
The membership programme is for Hong Kong and Macau only. All of the above are subject to terms and conditions. For details, please refer to Nissin Foodium WeChat Mini Program.

Scan this Mini Program code with WeChat or click here to become a member now