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Response to Consumer Council's artile

16 Feb 2024

In response to the article published by the Consumer Council's Choice magazine on instant noodles dated 15 February 2024, we would like to make the following remark:

All of our products featured in the article not only meet the rigorous standards set by the European Union (EU) for the total amount of 3-MCPD and GE values, ensuring their safety for human consumption, but they also comply with the food laws of Hong Kong SAR and China National Food Safety Standards (GB standards). We would like to emphasize that there are no problems whatsoever with our products.

Please enjoy our products with peace of mind.

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08 Jan 2020

福 多重脆味粉點心麵5包裝

福 多重脆味粉點心麵5包裝
福 多重脆味粉點心麵5包裝
福「和風紫菜味」及「青咖喱味」Shake Shake粉
福「和風紫菜味」及「青咖喱味」Shake Shake粉

福 上湯伊麵陪伴不少香港人成長,除了傳統湯麵食法外,千奇百趣食法亦令人津津樂道,而其即食點心麵食法也是不少人的童年回憶。今年福推出「福 多重脆味粉點心麵5包裝」,將湛新元素注入傳統的福 上湯伊麵上,無論是大人還是小朋友,都可以享受到多重脆味。

福 全新研發的「和風紫菜味」及「青咖喱味」Shake Shake粉,把和風滋味及泰式風情完美呈現在味蕾上,帶給你傳統上湯味粉外的一個新選擇。只需捏碎香脆可口的麵條,加入你喜愛的多重脆味Shake Shake粉一包,搖勻,便可享受滿fun樂脆。

「福 多重脆味粉點心麵5包裝」1在各大超市及便利店限量發售,快啲一齊Shake,脆住食